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This course the English department in CFIE Valladolid has designed a wide variety of courses to satisfy the needs of those teachers who want to improve their skills in the English language and its methodology.

We remind you that the inscription to all of our activities is made in the CFIE Valladolid web page.

For those teachers who are taking part in a European project but who have a low level in English (A1) we offer the course Aulas Europeas I. You can still inscribe in it until the 27th of september. The teacher of the course will be Claire McDonald. If your level is pre-intermediate (A2) you can inscribe in Aulas europeas II until the same date in september. The teacher will be Colette Johnston. Both courses take 50 hours from october to may.

For non-specialist teachers we also offer a conversation course: "Improve your English". The level of reference is intermediate (B1). It will take 20 hours from october to february. Colette Johnston will be the teacher in charge of it. You can inscribe in it until the 11th of october.

For English language teachers and teachers teaching their subject in English in bilingual schools we offer the following  courses:

Regarding conversation skills, we offer the course "Update your English for primary English teachers". It is a practical oral course to keep your English fluent and updated. You can inscribe in it until the 15th of october. For secondary ESL teachers we offer "Update your English for secondary English language teachers". You can inscribe for this course until the 11th of october. For both of them we count with Lisa Kinsella as teacher.

By november we will start the course "Blogs and web 2.0 tools for ESL teachers". Its main objective is to promote the use of blogs and motivate teachers in our area of influence to use web 2.0 tools . The level is initial for those teachers who do not know how to create a blog. We will open the inscription in october.

Furthermore, in the month of november we will have a 3 hours training session on "European Projects".

For the second term we have planned two more courses:

- Using songs, games and role-plays in the English class.

- Project Based Learning in your English methodology.

Finally, we offer a "Personal Teaching Plan for bilingual teachers" that works as a seminar to share resources among bilingual English teachers in our area of influence. If you want to take part in it get in touch with the teacher trainer in charge in our new CFIE Valladolid phone number 983133207 ext: 109 or by mail.

We hope you take part in our activities.  Have fun learning und updating your English!

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