Our Center

CFIE (Center for Teacher Training and Educational Innovation) of Valladolid is an institution, under the Regional Ministry of Education of Castilla y León, responsible for in-service teacher training. CFIE of Valladolid aims at conducting training activities in order to improve the quality of education by promoting initiatives such as courses, training projects in centers, improvement plans and quality experiences, innovation projects, seminars and workshops.

Among its functions are:

  • Promoting educational innovation.
  • Supporting educational research initiatives.
  • Contributing to curriculum development in schools.
  • Disseminating relevant learning experiences among members of the educational community.
  • Promoting the use of new technologies in educational settings.
  • Certifying training activities and advising teachers regarding the design of teaching and curricular materials.

We offer over 750 training activities per year to 270 schools, and more than 7000 teachers. The advisory team is made up of 17 advisors that cover the different priority and specialization areas: inclusion; Spanish language, foreign languages ​​and communication; STEM, ICT, innovative methodologies and social sciences.


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